Welcome to TOPBIO Chemiluminescence image system for western blot / southern blot / northern blot / dot blot / slot blot, Gel documentation for DNA / RNA / Protein electrophoresis gel image, UV transiluminator, PCR solution ~~~

UV2020-X ; UV2035-X

UV LightBox ( UV Transiluminator )

UV2020-1 ; UV2020-2 ; UV2020-3 ; UV2020-B
UV2035-1 ; UV2035-2 ; UV2035-3 ; UV2035-B


UV LightBox for DNA / RNA / Protein gel electrophoresis
image, fast lighting up, high / low intensity, 15wX6


1. Wavelength: 306nm (or 254nm, 365nm)
2. Size: 50(w)  x 32(D) x 15 (H) cm
3. View size: 20x20cm (or 20x35cm)
4.Light source: 15W x 6 tubes
5. Light intensity: high & low selectable
6. Fast lighting up: lighting up at oncewhen switch on and no blink
7. Extra magnetic working area for  tube rack or operating tool
8. Big size UV resistant plastic cover 30x34cm
9. Cool fan is included
10. Closed UV view : 4 sides of cover stop UV
11. Safety device: UV leakage indicator willhave color change, if 
     UV come out from plastic cover 
12. Diffuse UV background: decrease UV tube image